Aktionariat offers a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their digital shares on their own website.

Funding your Wallet

Before we start, let's first get into why you should have cryptocurrencies in the first place. Because when interacting with the brokerbot, you can also buy via bank transfer, so why should you take the extra step to buy cryptocurrencies first? There are two main reasons:

  • It's faster to buy shares (nearly immediate settlement).
  • It's digital cash which truly belongs to you.

One last thing, if you are more of a visual learner, consider watching our video tutorial.

Step 1: Check Preconditions

Make sure that you have set up and installed the latest version of the app. This includes backing up your private key.

Step 2: Start the Process

Open your Aktionariat Portfolio App and select ether (ETH) in the main portfolio section. After that, you can tap on the blue buy button.

Step 3: Select your Wallet Address

You will now be asked to select a wallet address. In most cases, you only have one address here, which is your native wallet address. Simply tap it to proceed.

Step 4: Get Familiar With the Widget

You'll notice that a new window opened. It shows the buying widget from Mt. Pelerin. Now please take some time to read all available options first and get yourself familiar with the interface. You see that you can use this widget to buy and sell different currencies including fiat and cryptocurrencies.

In addition to that, you can select the cryptocurrency network the funds should reside on. For example, you can buy optimism ether (ETH) by changing the network from ethereum to optimism in the drop-down menu.

Phone showing a widget to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.
Image 1: Overview of the widget from Mt. Pelerin.

Step 4.1 (optional): Buying Optimism Ether (ETH)

In most cases, you would need ether residing on mainnet. However, if you want to fund your wallet for optimism, you can simply change the network to optimism and continue with step 5.

Step 5: Set all Parameters Needed

In this guide we focus on buying mainnet ether using regular Swiss Francs. In order to do so, we type in the amount of CHF and select the currency ETH or ether in the second box. You can now see, that you get approximately 0.09 ether for 100 Swiss Francs. If you are fine with that as well as the commission and delivery time, tap „Buy ETH“ to continue the process.

Step 6: Create or Change your Profile

Remember that we had to select an address before? Now you need to add this address to your profile. However, if you go through the process for the first time, you will be asked to provide personal information to your profile first. If you have already used the widget before but your information has changed, you can always check and change it by tapping the little human icon in the top right.

Step 7: Provide an Email

After clicking next, you will be asked to provide an email address where you want to receive your order notifications.

Final step: Fund your Wallet

You have reached the end. The only thing left to do is to send the given amount to the provided bank connection. From then on you will be notified via email about your order status.