Aktionariat offers a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their digital shares on their own website.

Funding your wallet for optimism

You might have noticed that some companies only allow optimism ether to buy their shares.

What are optimism ether (ETH)?

Optimism ether are like mainnet ether, but they reside on the optimism network. This means that one can not use mainnet ether to buy shares that reside on the optimism network. Don't worry though, it sounds more complicated than it actually is.

How to buy optimism ether?

In short: Buying optimism ether works exactly the same as buying mainnet ether with one exception. The only difference is, that you need to select the optimism network instead of the ethereum mainnet in the buying widget. You'll find the tutorial on how to buy cryptocurrencies here: Funding your wallet.

Buying widget showing 100 CHF being spent for 0.08 ETH residing on the optimism network.

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