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Exchange Cryptocurrencies for Swiss Francs

This is a written tutorial on how to off-ramp XCHF for regular CHF. If you prefer a video guide on how to do this, look up our video tutorials.

But why would you want to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money in the first place? To illustrate that, we can imagine the following situation:

Lisa, a young talent in a well-known Swiss consulting firm, needs some Swiss Francs to pay for her apartment. Sadly, neither her employer nor the landlord accept crypto francs (XCHF).
However, this is no longer an issue for her. She simply opens her Portfolio App and clicks on Ether to check her balance. Then she taps on "Buy / Sell" and initiates the desired action in Mt. Pelerin's widget. Just like that she can not only buy new cryptocurrencies but also sell them again for Swiss Francs.

Step 1: Decide which currency to sell, how much and find out on which network the funds reside

In order to start, you need to make up your mind about three things:

  • Which currency are you going to buy or sell
  • What amount are you going to buy or sell
  • From or to which network do you want to withdraw or receive the funds (In the Portfolio App you'll find out about where a currency resides on by looking at the positions: The red logo represents assets on optimism and the grey logo those on ether)

Once you know that, you can proceed with step 2.

Step 2: Find and open the widget

The easiest way to find and open the widget is by using your Portfolio App. Simply tap on "Ether" and then on "Buy / Sell" to open Mt. Pelerin's widget. However, you can also do this with any other wallet by using the widget in a browser on a computer.

If you want to open the widget on a computer, navigate to

Either way, the interface and the process are nearly identical. In order to sell currencies click on “Sell” in the widget.

Now check again the following three things if you want to swap cryptocurrencies for cash:

  • Type of currency you want to sell (e.g., ETH or XCHF)
  • Amount you want to sell (e.g., 50 XCHF)
  • Network the available currencies reside on (e.g., ethereum mainnet with the grey logo or optimism with the red logo)
Image 1: Exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat money works in the browser or from your phone.

Step 3: Fill out the form

In the widget on the website of Mt. Pelerin, fill in the necessary information, that is:

  • Desired amount to convert
  • Desired currency to convert from (i.e., XCHF or ETH)
  • Desired currency to convert to (i.e., CHF)
  • Given network of the cryptocurrency (i.e., mainnet with the grey logo or optimism with the red logo)

Quick reminder: You can do all this directly from your Portfolio App and don't need a desktop computer or laptop.

Step 4: Confirm email address

You will be asked to fill in and confirm your phone number as well as your email address.

Step 4.1: (Optional) Connect a wallet

If you are using the widget on a computer, you need to connect a wallet to the widget. This can be any WalletConnect compatible wallet.

How do you do that? Simple:

  • Click on “WalletConnect” in the widget on the website of Mt. Pelerin to show the QR-Code.
  • In your wallet, find the QR-Scanner (In the mobile version of Metamask, it is located in the top right)
  • Scan the QR-Code to connect your wallet to the widget

Step 5: Validate your address

In order to continue you will have to validate your address by signing and confirming the connection on your Portfolio App or any other wallet.

Step 6: Provide bank details

Now it's time to type in your bank details.

Final step: Send cryptocurrency to receive Swiss Francs

You have already made it to the last step.

Now simply send the specified amount from the given network to the provided address shown in the widget.

Process for people using the widget on a laptop

Let’s break this down step-by-step if you are using the widget on a laptop:

  • In your Portfolio App, navigate to the “Portfolio” section in the navigation bar on the bottom
  • Select the currency that you specified in the widget (e.g., ETH or XCHF)
  • Select the position on the specified network (i.e., mainnet or optimism).
  • Now you can type in the specified amount, click “External address” and scan the QR-Code shown on the widget.
Image 2: In the final step, the specified amount residing on the correct network must be sent to the wallet address from Mt. Pelerin.

Process for people using the widget within the Portfolio App

Now if you are using the widget within your Portfolio App, your wallet is already connected. In order to proceed, do the following

  • Copy the address from Mt. Pelerin's wallet (in the upper section of the widget)
  • Go back to your Portfolio App
  • Tap on the currency you wanted to send and select the respective position that resides on the network you specified
  • Send the specified amount to the wallet address from Mt. Pelerin

That's it, you'll be notified via e-mail about the order status.