May 15, 2023

3-Step-Model to a Successful Crowdinvesting

Launching a Brokerbot on your website alone is not equal to a successful investment campaign. It's a good start, but takes a little more than just that. In this article, we're going to tell you some of the secrets that all successful crowdinvestings have in common and you'll learn how to apply the 3-step-model for your own crowdinvesting.

What Makes Crowdinvesting Successful?

Some things don't change no matter what technology you use. With crowdinvesting it's just like with traditional investment rounds when it comes to raising funds. Just because tokenization made it technically really simple doesn't mean that your shares will sell themselves. You need to get out there to sell your shares and you need to put some effort in the preparation. If you don't do that you're at risk of wasting a lot of potential.

As you can see, it is utterly important to prepare your go-live accordingly. But what does a proper preparation look like? Let me explain...

To make your crowdinvesting successful takes the involvement of the whole management and as many of your employees as you can get. They all need to be ready to activate their network and spread the word about your company's crowdinvesting as soon as it is go-time (and even before, as you will learn in just a second).

1. Prepare your Launch

After you have decided to go along with a crowdinvesting, you should start to prepare your launch as quickly as possible.

A typical go-live plan could look something like this:

  • A c-level executive of your company posts something from their personal account about the upcoming big news (the crowdinvesting). Multiple other people repost the story adding their own touch.
  • Some days later, the first big reveal: The "thing" is gonna be a crowdinvesting. You must tell people why you do that at this point and why you need the power of the crowd for it. Also, state what they'll gain from a potential crowdinvest.
  • Preferrably, at this point, you already have a Landingpage ready to gather some early investors. Again, have your team on board and some lead investors (if you have some) to agitate the message and spread the word.
  • Now it's time to offer a Q&A or something similar to optimally prepare your community for the big day. Also regularly share exciting behind the scenes material to get the buzz going (it's now 1-2 weeks out). Intensify the frequency of posts before the big day.
  • Optionally: Prepare a press release and reach out to potential journalists
  • If you want to go the extra mile, do a live stream with the founders a few hours before the go-live.

2. Nail the Launch

The final countdown is over—it's your big day, the go-live is here and the investment is open to the public. This is the day you have been waiting for. Here's what you should do:

  • Celebrate on all channels, do a live stream of how it's going and take your time to engage with your community.
  • As many people of your company as possible should be able to partake in this ongoing celebration. So why not use the opportunity to organize an office party or big go-live event anyway? (e.g., or use the opportunity at one of our Investor Events)

3. The Launch is Not the End

Your launch was successful and you have reached your target. Now it's over and you can go back to normal.

Nope. That's not how it works.

  • Take some time to ease out after the big excitement. Post on social media and communicate with your new shareholders directly.
  • Offer plenty of opportunities to ask questions.
  • Remember: Probably it was not only your first time that you did a crowdinvesting, but also for your new investors. It's your responsibility to take care of them.

Of course that's only a broad overview of what a successful crowdinvesting might look like and there are many more things that have to be taken care of.


Preparing for a successful crowdinvesting campaign requires careful planning and active participation from the entire management team and employees. A typical go-live plan involves steps such as personal posts from executives, a big reveal about the crowdinvesting, a landing page for early investors, Q&A sessions, and sharing behind-the-scenes material. Optional steps include press releases, reaching out to journalists, and live streams with founders.

During the launch, it is important to celebrate, engage with the community, and consider organizing an office party or event. After reaching the target, ongoing communication with new shareholders is crucial, including answering questions and providing support.

To learn more about successful crowdinvesting with Aktionariat, feel free to book a call with our Customer Success Manager Silvio.

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