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Aktionariat provides tools to help companies access and leverage the power of tokenized equity.

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Get your company ready for the tokenized economy.

We are at a pivotal moment in history for finance. More currencies, bonds and equities are issued as blockchain based tokens every day. Banks, exchanges, investors, funds, portolio managers and even governments are increasingly embracing blockchain technology.

Tokenize your equity to position yourself at the forefront of on-chain finance and start harnessing the advantages of blockchain technology today.

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Our Vision

Welcome to the era of direct and scalable investor relations—built on blockchain technology.

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Companies should have the capability to raise funds directly through their website.

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For investors

Anyone should be able to invest in the companies they believe in.

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Aktionariat connects startups and investors through seamless investor relations and blockchain technology.
Direct relationships, no intermediaries.
Powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

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Onboarded Companies

"With Aktionariat, tokenizing our shares and setting up a market was a breeze. While the tools are unique, the real value lies in the team’s ability to respond to customer needs and continually evolve the product. Not for the bores or the procrastinators, Aktionariat is a perfect fit for us!"
Simon Boss
CEO, COB, Founder, Co-Owner
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"Thanks to Aktionariat, we can offer our employees, customers and investors a simple solution to buy and sell quitt.shares. Aktionariat has managed to wrap the complex world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies into a customer-friendly and innovative product. Keep up the good work!"
Marie-Christin Kamann
"Since 2017, we have been tirelessly working on how we can further empower the consumer. With the Security Token Offering we finally found a way to go a big step further. Aktionariat provided us with the tools to transform our stakeholders into shareholders while being the first brand to raise CHF 0.5M over a weekend and now continuously raise more through a tradable security token on our own website."
Roy Bernheim

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