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Enjoy the benefits of a liquid share market without a costly IPO.

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Offering a company’s shares for sale and repurchase at a given price sends a strong price signal. Thereby uncertainty about the true value of the company is reduced.

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An asset is more valuable to investors if it can be sold at any point in time, in the event of an individual liquidity need. This effect is known as the liquidity premium.

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By enabling employees, clients, and suppliers to take a stake in the company they work with and believe in, we enable a much better alignment of the interest of stakeholders and shareholders, and the possibility to create community-owned businesses.

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Tokenizing and selling shares on the internet offers increased brand visibility and public awareness for a company. Aktionariat assists in opening up a new path towards a public market for Swiss companies. 

A liquid market for shares reduces price uncertainty.Brokerbot liquidity increases startup valuation.Tokenized shares improve alignment between stakeholders and shareholders.Tokenized shares make it easier to sell shares online.

Customizable Market Widgets

Add an investor relations page to your website and integrate the Aktionariat Brokerbot and other market widgets.

The investor relations page facilitates the presentation of fundamental information to investors. Furthermore, it allows investors to trade your tokenized shares directly on your website. The widgets are fully customizable to match your corporate identity.

Since our tools operate on a public blockchain and are compatible with other wallets, 50 million Ethereum users have access to your shares. In case you prefer to make your shares available to an exclusive group of investors, we offer a whitelisting module that allows you to create a handpicked group of investors.

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Brokerbot enables startups to sell shares online.
Aktionariat dashboard to manage tokenized shares, shareholders and market.

The Backbone of the Toolkit

Manage thousands of shareholders with the Corporate Dashboard.

It consists of a digital share register that is updated automatically and allows you to tokenize shares with just a few clicks.

Your share market, your rules. The Dashboard allows to define the parameters of your share market, such as share price, slope of the price curve and number of your shares that should be freely tradable.

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Mobile Wallet

Hold tokenized shares and traditional shares securely in self-custody with our Portfolio App.

Our mobile wallet is the safe deposit box for your shares. Connect your mobile wallet to a Brokerbot to buy stocks and access them anytime. Register your personal details in the wallet before buying to be automatically recorded in the company's share register.

See the market value of your shares at any time and transfer them directly to another wallet if needed. The wallet also acts as an authentication tool for a company's signatories, e.g., to approve transactions.

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Portfolio App to manage tokenized shares.
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Onboarding Process

Four steps to
stakeholder capitalism.

Easy tokenization process at a glance.

Step 1

Digital Shareholder Registry

Start by digitizing your shareholder registry in our Corporate Dashboard, completely free of charge.

Step 2

Legal Framework

We provide you with the legal foundation for creating and trading your digital shares.

Step 3

Tokenized Shares

Define the number of shares you want to tokenize, the starting price and the price behavior of your shares.

Step 4

Open Market

Create an investor relations page, add our market widgets and benefit from an automated and liquid share market.

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Feedback from our clients

"With Aktionariat, tokenizing our shares and setting up a market was a breeze. While the tools are unique, the real value lies in the team’s ability to respond to customer needs and continually evolve the product. Not for the bores or the procrastinators, Aktionariat is a perfect fit for us!"
Simon Boss
CEO, COB, Founder, Co-Owner
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"Thanks to Aktionariat, we can offer our employees, customers and investors a simple solution to buy and sell quitt.shares. Aktionariat has managed to wrap the complex world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies into a customer-friendly and innovative product. Keep up the good work!"
Marie-Christin Kamann
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"Since 2017, we have been tirelessly working on how we can further empower the consumer. With the Security Token Offering we finally found a way to go a big step further. Aktionariat provided us with the tools to transform our stakeholders into shareholders while being the first brand to raise CHF 0.5M over a weekend and now continuously raise more through a tradable security token on our own website."
Roy Bernheim
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