February 2, 2021

Aktionariat AG mints its first crypto-shares

Last night at 00:07, Aktionariat AG minted its first 100′000 crypto-shares, only minutes after the legal foundation for such a step came into force. The shares are now bound to ERC-20 tokens residing on the Ethereum blockchain named Draggable Aktionariat AG Shares (DAKS). You can watch us celebrate the minting of these first shares in this recording.

Apparently, we were not alone with this plan, with MME / Daura having had a similar nightly session. In any case, we are to our knowledge the only ones that did so on a public blockchain. Also, we seem to be the only ones that actually made use of the tokenized shares: we started selling (and repurchasing) them on our investor relations page.

The Aktionariat shares are open to be bought by anyone interested in participating in the company’s success. On the first day of trade Aktionariat reached a trade volume of about CHF 25K. As the market for security tokens grows, it will attract not only more investors but also more companies that discover the benefits of having a secondary market for their shares.

We are looking forward to welcoming more companies to make use of our unique technology to create markets.

Press release in German

Press release in English

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