July 2, 2021

General Assembly & Get-Together 2021

One of the greatest advantages of having a General Assembly with a big shareholder base is the ability to personally meet and greet the members of our growing community and engage it – to share our journey and to make everyone in the room understand their important role in it.

On Monday 28 June 2021 the time had come: the first General Assembly of Aktionariat AG took place. We planned to supplement the mandatory, formal part of the General Assembly with a more fun, informal part. For this second part, therefore, not only our shareholders but also all interested persons were invited.

Formal part: Voting & Outlook Corporate Design

For the first time ever, we had the opportunity to meet our shareholders in person. We were overwhelmed to see how many of our shareholders took the trip to the Shed Zug to cast their vote and meet our team in person. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, 21 of the 46 shareholders had arrived at the rented event venue and taken their seats. Even before that, we had the opportunity to talk briefly with some of the shareholders.

The items on the agenda were all approved unanimously and were completed quickly. We did not miss the opportunity to refresh the formal part of the event and therefore presented our new logo and other parts of the new corporate design along with an overview of what benefits our decentralized stock market approach brings. Our co-founder and CEO Luzius Meisser proved to be a very experienced GA speaker and also answered all of the questions that arose.

Presentations and company pitches

As time went on, more and more shareholders and other interested people found their way to the Shed Zug. At 4:30 pm it was time to hand over the stage to our clients. quitt., Green Consensus and T-Bô presented their companies and how they use the Brokerbot to create a market for their shares. The crowd listened intently to the presentations of the three companies and asked some compelling questions. The interest in our customers and their shares was large, so that quitt. and Green Consensus were able to provide some new investors with shares, while T-Bô collected some pre-registrations from interested investors. Also during the subsequent aperitif our customers experienced great interest and accordingly had many conversations with curious guests.

After leaving the stage to our customers, we closed the presentation part with more in-depth information on the value of our business model. First, our Co-Founder and CTO Murat took the stage and presented some more in-depth information on the value of our decentralized approach. In particular, he highlighted how we are embedded in the rapidly growing ecosystem of decentralized finance applications, which offers our investors far-reaching opportunities in the areas of Cryptocurrency trading and financial services. Afterwards, Nico, who is responsible for all commercial matters, presented how we differ from our competitors. In particular, he emphasized that with our Brokerbot we create liquid markets for the shares of private companies, which the solutions of our competitors are not able to do. In this way, we are transforming the hitherto inefficient private equity markets into open, decentrally organized markets that are becoming considerably more efficient thanks to transparency and liquidity. Finally, our newest contributor Shira shared some valuable insights about communities. She showed how our Brokerbot transforms centralized, closed stock markets into decentralized, open markets and enables the formation of communities by including additional market participants.

With that, we closed the presentation part and joyfully moved on to the aperitif with our fellows.

A successful event with an unexpected extra

Thanks to many interesting guests there were a lot of fruitful conversations. The wine and the appetizers were delicious and even the short thunderstorm did not dampen the cheerful atmosphere in any way. It really didn’t feel like a stiff aperitif after a general meeting, but rather a community gathering. New contacts were made, product ideas exchanged and future collaborations initiated. As the successful event slowly came to an end, the Swiss national football team took over and hit top form, taking a 1-0 lead over the French.

In the end, Switzerland won against France in a penalty shootout 5:4 while Aktionariat won many exciting impressions and new investors. An incredibly nice experience with our community, which makes us already look forward to the next event.

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