November 14, 2023

Interview with Andreas from Reseda

Today, Reseda is an established brand in the furniture industry, synonymous with durable, high quality solid wood furniture made in the region. Encouraged by 5 consecutive successful business years, Reseda is now going one step further and striving to pursue its quality and sustainability strategy even more uncompromisingly.

Everyone now has the unique opportunity to join them in shaking up the furniture industry and become part of their success story. Find out more about their crowdinvesting campaign together with OOMNIUM in our new interview. 

Hi, what's your name and what's your role at Reseda? 

Andreas Niederer, Founder and Managing Director

What is the problem your team wants to solve?

We produce high-quality, durable solid wood furniture in Switzerland. In the future, we want to produce this furniture primarily from Swiss wood.

What are you doing to solve this problem?

Our own solid wood panel production is the basis for making progress in this area, and we have already realised this. We are now investing in a stock of Swiss wood and are looking for long-term collaborations with Swiss forest owners.

How do you do that?

We are simply carrying on as before (we have been on the market for 18 years), just with the new solid wood panel production and the direct purchase of wood even better and more consistent.

How do you want to earn money?

Fortunately, we are already earning money. Today and in the future with the direct sale (i.e. without intermediaries) of high-quality solid wood furniture produced in Switzerland.

Which market are you targeting and who are your competitors?

We target upper middle class customers in German-speaking Switzerland. We operate in a niche in which the combination of design and sustainability plays an important role. Our competitors are the classic furniture stores in the upmarket segment.

What milestones have you already achieved? What are your plans for the future?

We are an established company on the market and have a customer base of around 20,000 design-savvy people. Over the last 5 years, we have grown steadily and recorded positive EBITDAs. In the future, we want to reach even more people and become the market leader in our niche - solid wood furniture.

How has your team contributed to your sustained presence in the market for 18 years?

As we do everything ourselves, from design and marketing to production and sales, our team is correspondingly diverse and each employee has a varied area of responsibility. On the one hand, this brings people together and creates a great team spirit, and on the other, everyone involved feels that they are part of a coherent project. This is probably the reason why we have practically no staff turnover.

How much capital do you want to raise and how will you use these funds?

We want to raise around CHF 1 million with our capital increase and invest it in improving our product, primarily in Swiss wood. Further investments can be viewed in detail in our Investment Proposal.

What was the problem or challenge you faced before you approached OOMNIUM/Aktionariat?

Where can you find all-round support if you want to raise additional equity on a larger scale?

What measures did you take to overcome the challenge and why did you ultimately decide in favour of OOMNIUM / Aktionariat?

We became aware of OOMNIUM and Aktionariat relatively quickly and realised that this platform was the best fit for us.  However, we did not realise how many of our customers would react critically to the digital share and the digital investment process.

Why would you recommend OOMNIUM / Aktionariat to other start-ups and SMEs?

We felt very well supported in the co-operation with OOMNIUM and Aktionariat, alone such a campaign would have been absolutely unthinkable in such a short time.

To learn more about Reseda and their crowdinvesting, you take a look at their investment pitch.

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