March 7, 2024

Interview with Christine and Christian from Intrinsic

Continuous learning is essential for professional growth, personal development, and staying competitive in today’s dynamic world. Lifelong learning helps in navigating changes and challenges with confidence, seize new opportunities, and achieve the fullest potential. 

Intrinsic strives for a profound change in the education system - a positive turnaround that favours innovation and progress. Their focus is on a co-operative revolution that takes place with the system and with people. 

Today, the Intrinsic team is embracing a new part of their journey towards sustainable learning with a crowdinvesting campaign together with OOMNIUM. Discover more about their business and the investment opportunity in our latest interview with Christine König und Christian Müller, co-founders of Intrinsic.  

Hi, Christine and Christian! We are glad to get to know you! What is the problem your team is solving? 

Society suffers from outdated education: Too much standardisation, not enough critical thinking. This leads to frustration and poor performance.

Have you found a solution? 

Intrinsic is revolutionising education with a radically new culture of learning: ownership, joy of learning and intrinsic motivation. We are transforming schools and businesses for the world of tomorrow.

Which product helps you make your solution a reality?

We focus on individual understanding, critical thinking and creative learning. Science has long known how to do this. Intrinsic consistently applies the latest findings: Learning Journeys are tailor-made offerings to develop learning cultures in organisations. We help teams to discover for themselves how they learn most effectively.  Learning journeys serve three levels:

- Learning as an individual → at the potential and attitude level.
- Learning as a team → at the cooperation and project level. 
- Learning as an organisation → at the level of developing a learning culture.

What is your Business Model? 

Companies pay Intrinsic to organise Learning Journeys to support their employees and promote a culture of learning within the organisation.  Learning Journeys are available in 3 categories: S: CHF 25,000, M: CHF 50,000, L: CHF 100,000. With reasonable salary levels and no bloated internal processes, little money is lost in Intrinsic's operating costs.  Intrinsic plans to expand the learning journeys for companies. The funds from the crowdinvesting will be used for digitalisation, expansion and marketing. The focus is on developing future-proof learning cultures in organisations, supported by the use of AI/VR technologies. In the coming years, Intrinsic aims to continue growing both in terms of revenue and market presence. This includes scaling the learning journey offering, market penetration and the continued development of innovative learning solutions.

What is your target market? 

Intrinsic benefits from a growing demand for educational innovation in companies and schools, the digital transformation in education and the increasing acceptance of our attitude that people should constantly learn and develop.  

What makes your company different from the competition?

Unique selling point: Intrinsic differentiates itself through a strong focus on intrinsic learning and personal development, supported by innovative learning formats and technologies.

What milestones have you already achieved? 

Since our inception as a limited company, we have been committed to transforming education and creating innovative learning cultures. In the field of education, we have ushered in a new era of teacher training and developed professional development and school development programmes. Our growing network of educational pioneers has also made us a leading centre for educational innovation. 

What are your plans for the future?

Our focus has always been on developing new learning cultures, whether for students, young people or adults in the workplace. Now we are bringing our expertise to the business world. Half of the profits from Intrinsic's corporate learning journey product will be used to develop learning cultures in schools. The other half will be paid out as a dividend to investors.

A great team is probably the most important asset of any company. Please tell us something about your team?

We are a flexible team of 10 permanent employees, a similar number of co-creators and an extended network of experts and coaches.  We are individually ingenious, change-minded doers. Set to develop the future of learning culture and fuel a paradigm shift in education. Tuned in to play seriously, to achieve great things and above all: to learn ourselves.

How much capital do you want to raise and how will you use these funds?

With this crowdinvesting we would like to raise capital totalling CHF 500,000. We plan to invest this as follows:

- Training and development of the Intrinsic learning facilitator team: These experts are crucial for the successful implementation of learning culture development in schools and companies.   
- Development of a VR/AI platform: In collaboration with the ETH spin-off AtlasVR, we are investing part of the capital in the development of an innovative VR/AI platform in virtual space with a connection to artificial intelligence. This platform will make learning journeys in companies more efficient, enable new forms of learning and facilitate scalability.   
- Marketing/Sales: In order to increase the visibility of Intrinsic and anchor the education revolution in a broader context, part of the capital will be used for marketing and sales activities.

What was the problem or challenge you faced before you approached OOMNIUM and Aktionariat? 

We were looking for a suitable way to grow as a company - to achieve even more impact. Because we classify our business as a non-profit, we need a suitable form. Crowdinvesting seems to fit perfectly with Intrinsic's network structure. 

What measures did you take to overcome this challenge? 

A year ago, we conducted extensive research into the question of how Intrinsic can position itself sustainably. The result was the conviction that we not only understand learning as a self-responsible process in the network - but that we also want to reflect this attitude organizationally.

Why would you recommend OOMNIUM and Aktionariat to other startups and SMEs?

OOMNIUM & Aktionariat offer uncomplicated and pragmatic process support. These great people are also prepared to go the extra mile when time is tight.

To learn more about Intrinsic and their crowdinvesting, you take a look at their investment pitch.

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