April 30, 2021

Case Study with Green Consensus SA

Aktionariat is delighted to have Green Consensus SA on board. It is the first company to not only tokenize their shares with Aktionariat but also implement our market tools including the Brokerbot. We wanted to take the chance to gain some insights on why Green Consensus picked our solution, what their expectations are and what their experience has been so far using our tools. Isaac Chan, co-founder of Green Consensus, provided a glimpse behind the scenes.

Please explain your business in a few sentences.

Green Consensus SA is a leading cannabis blockchain company incorporated in Geneva. Our mission is to offer the best quality cannabis products to our customers – best quality coming from the pristine Switzerland and also traceable on the blockchain all along the supply chain.

In your opinion what’s the main advantage of Security Tokens over Utility Tokens?

The Swiss security token combines the strengths of both traditional shares and blockchain technology. Token holders are shareholders with enforceable dividend and voting rights. Green Consensus has full visibility of its new and existing shareholders’ transaction in real time via the Aktionariat Corporate Dashboard.

Why did you implement a market for your tokenized shares and what benefits are you expecting to arise from it?

Our main goal is to reach a broader segment of investors, especially next generation investors who are crypto savvy. Also, the crypto-enabled and increased liquidity offered by tokenizing our shares can benefit more people. They now have the opportunity to invest in high-growth industries like cannabis, with much lower entry barriers.

Why did you prefer Aktionariat’s solution over others?

Aktionariat is not only taking care of technical development but also offers a seamless collaboration with legal, regulatory and finance experts. Our company just has to focus on our core business and marketing communication, ultimately serving our customers best.

How did the implementation process go?

It is totally a new experience for the Green Consensus team and the Aktionariat team did a good job to onboard us up to speed.

What was the reaction? Did you already gain new investors/funds?

We have had a good response from the market by raising 20'000 CHF via Brokerbot within the first few days already!

Green Consensus SA shares can now be purchased directly through the Brokerbot on their Investor Relations page.

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