January 25, 2024

Interview with Kevin from Bakery Bakery

A clear conscience, great flavour, sustainable values, cool stores, nice people, profit opportunities. This all is about Bakery Bakery AG, the first vegan bakery in Switzerland with branches in Bern, Zurich and Basel. 

Now you can support them by crowdinvesting! Learn more about the investment opportunity in our interview. 

Hi Kevin! It’s a pleasure to meet you! Could you share your role within the Bakery Bakery team? 

CEO & CO-Founder

What issue is your team aiming to address? 

We’re tackling the challenge of making flavorful and familiar vegan baked goods widely available. 

So, how are you working towards solving this problem? 

We’re aiming to make vegan baked goods accessible to everyone.

Interesting! How do you plan to achieve that? 

We want to grow throughout Switzerland and beyond with high-frequency and neighbourhood locations.

And what does your business model look like? 

We operate self-sufficient vegan bakery branches that are geographically independent.

Which market are you targeting and who do you see as your competitors? 

We focus on the Swiss market. Our competitors are other modern bakeries.

What milestones have you already achieved? 

We already have 6 fixed locations in three cantons. We also have two self-checkout locations. Our company currently employs around 100 people.

A great team is probably the most important asset of any company. Please tell us something about your team. 

Our team is young, open, modern and innovative. And yet we can draw on many years of experience, which helps us move forward every day.

How much capital do you want to raise at the end of the crowdinvesting campaign?

CHF 500,000 is our minimum financing. 

Why would you recommend OOMNIUM / Aktionariat to other start-ups and SMEs?

If you want to activate the crowd, Oomnium is great, Aktionariat has a strong technical solution behind the B2C experienced Oomnium.

To learn more about Bakery Bakery and their crowdinvesting, you take a look at their investment pitch.

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