November 8, 2023

Interview with Khawar from FINELLI

Ready, steady, go! Explore an investment opportunity with Finelli Studios AG as they start selling shares online. Dive into our latest interview to learn more!

Hello! What is your name?

Khawar Awan

What is your role in FINELLI? 

Founder & CEO

What is the problem that your team is solving?

We are dedicated to creating long-lasting clothing, and I've identified a significant issue that we're addressing. In a world where the fashion industry largely revolves around fast fashion, we aim to provide a sustainable alternative. It's important to recognize that fast fashion has adverse effects on the environment. 

What do you do to solve this problem? 

We prioritize the use of long lasting, high-quality materials in our clothing production. Our commitment to creating high-end clothing allows us to offer exceptional quality to our customers. Despite the premium nature of our products, we strive to keep them affordable for the average person.  

How do you do it?

I'm the designer and creative director at FINELLI because I'm passionate about creating my own clothing. We produce our clothes in Europe to be environmentally friendly and ensure fair wages for our workers. We also have some production in Pakistan, where I'm originally from. My uncle handles the pants production, which allows me to support my family and stay connected to my roots.

How do you make money?

Our unique approach involves directly targeting the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) market while still offering our products in retail shops. This sets us apart because most brands traditionally focused on retail, which is dying now. It's essential for the younger generation to pioneer D2C brands. For instance, we've partnered with Jelmoli, providing a great platform to showcase our products. This allows customers to experience our clothing, which is important to us due to our emphasis on fabric quality. Moreover, we drive traffic to the retail store, creating a mutually beneficial situation for us, our customers, and the stores.

What market do you address and who are your competitors?

Fashion, different streetwear brands like Heron Preston for example

What have you achieved up to date?

We've had between 10,000 to 10,500 customers, which translates to over 20,000 pieces of clothing sold. It's truly remarkable to think about this substantial number. Imagine having 20,000 pieces of clothing right in front of you – it's quite an impressive quantity. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that so many people are wearing garments that I've personally designed.

It's really incredible numbers! Tell us more about people who is building the brand.  

We're currently an eight-person team dedicated to FINELLI. Additionally, we collaborate with freelancers, including graphic designers and photographers, to create the content we need. I believe in keeping our team as lean as possible to ensure healthy growth, and this also sets us apart. In the fashion industry, a large team isn't necessary because many tasks can be automated through AI or digital processes.

How did you finance your business before reaching out to Aktionariat? 

I initially started with my own savings. Unfortunately, our first collection was a complete failure, with just two buyers, and I was left with no money. However, I was determined not to give up on my dream of building a fashion brand. That's when my mother stepped in to help. Despite our modest family background, with my mom having completed an apprenticeship and my dad working as a bus driver, we didn't have extra funds to invest. My mom's support was a true lifeline – she sold her wedding gold to provide the financial assistance I needed. Her belief in me and my dream still moves me deeply every time I tell this story.

Such an impressive story. Thank you for sharing it with us. Now, you are selling your shares online. How much are you raising and how are you going to use the funds?

We are going to raise about 500’000.- and will invest in production because the demand is so high to deepen and expand the product range.

What was the problem or challenge that you were facing before reaching out to Aktionariat?

We have consistently aimed to provide our community with an opportunity to be involved and benefit from our rapidly expanding brand.

What actions did you take to address this challenge and why did you choose Aktionariat in the end?

To address the challenge, we undertook a comprehensive evaluation and selected Aktionariat due to their proven track record, expertise in the field, and alignment with our goals.

What was the goal of working together with Aktionariat?

We always wanted to give our community a chance to be part of and profit from our fast-growing brand.

How are you planning to use our solution?

We wanted to grow our community with Aktionariat.

Why would you recommend Aktionariat to other Startups and SMEs?

Because it gives companies the possibility to raise capital from their clients.

If you want to learn more about Finelli Studios AG, feel free to visit their investor relations page.

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