May 7, 2024

Interview with Luigi and Toni from Operal AG

Operal AG is a Swiss startup working on gamification of impact. A company was created as a father-son enterprise to transform the gaming industry by introducing impact and web3 features to add purpose to gaming and to help enterprises integrate the power of gaming to connect better and on new arenas to their customers. 

Today, Operal AG is selling their shares online! Discover their business and investment opportunity in our latest interview with Luigi and Toni Caradonna, Board member and President of the Board. 

Hello, Luigi and Toni! Nice to connect with you and discover what you’re doing! What problem do you want to solve?

Climate actions take years but humans want instant gratification. We developed new approaches to use the power of gaming to create impact - both for our customers and the environment. 

Have you found a solution to address this issue? 

We gamify impact! Humans are natural players and todays consumers are more and more exposed to a gamified environment, be it for example on TikTok. We take this power leveraging it for our customers. 

Sounds interesting! Could you please tell us more about how you plan to make it happen?

We are creating hypercasual mobile games for a global audience. Hypercasual games or simple in terms of gameplay, short in duration and have social features. Their design is made to be learnt fast and is ideal for people looking for quick entertainement, e.g. for commuters or while waiting. This makes them highly accessible and popular among all age groups. And interesting for brands to come closer to the consumers. 

How do you plan to earn money with this solution? 

We work on both B2B and B2C products. In B2B, we create custom solutions. In retail, we have advertising and in-app purchases. 

What is your target market? 

In B2B, we target SMEs and retailers globally. In retail, we address users who focus on hypercasual and are sensitive to climate change. 

What have you achieved up to date? 

ClimateCandy, the mobile app, has over 160’000 users. And We have retired over 1800t of CO2. 

What are your future plans? 

In Q2 we will go live with three Swiss SME clients. We plan to retire over 5000t CO2 and onboard 4 more B2B clients until the end of the year. 

A great team is probably the most important asset in any company. Please tell us more about your team? 

We have a diverse team of experts and a large global team of consultants. We have experience in impact, gaming and software development. We also have excellent legal expertise. 

How much are you raising and how are you going to use the funds? 

Hypercausal gaming growth depends on marketing efforts. Also in the early phase of growth we need to onboard marketing and communication experts that support our reach-out and growth.

Why did you choose the Aktionariat solution to fundraise capital?

For us, it is easy to acquire new investors through the toolset provided by Aktionariat. 

Which offer will you introduce in your company? 

Full Market Package

Why did you want to make your shares available to the public? 

We want to go through liquid markets. 

Why would you recommend Aktionariat to other startups and SMEs? 

It is easy and convenient for investors to use the Aktionariat Portfolio app to buy and manage shares. You don't need to open a portfolio account with a bank to buy and hold SME assets.

Discover the investment opportunity further here.

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