September 29, 2023

Interview with Lukas from parknsleep AG

parknsleep AG is now offering shares to the public! Join their camping community and become an investor. Let's chat with Lukas Imhof, the CEO of parknsleep AG, about their exciting crowdinvesting journey.

Hi Lukas! Let’s get to know each other better. Would you mind telling us about the specific problem your team is dedicated to solving? 

There is a big gap between the demand and supply in the camping market. Many vehicles have come on the market and there are too few spots overnight.

Could you share the solution you developed to address this problem, and what inspired its creation?

Camping tourism is really not digitalized yet. It's a big chance to create products to help campers & hosts to connect and share land overnight in a most simple way. With our App "Parkn'Sleep" we provide a european-wide network of spots where campers can approach 24h spontaneously, overnight and pay directly through the app.

Interesting! What is your business model to monetize your idea?

Our main source of revenue comes from a 15% platform fee on each overnight booking, and we also generate additional income through advertising. We are building a community within our social app for campers, offering targeted ad opportunities for businesses and helping campers find the best spots while connecting with like-minded individuals. 

Could you please provide insights of your current market landscape? 

In the DACH region, across the EU, and on an international scale. Our competitors consist of parking apps designed for simple sites, such as Easypark and Parking pay.

What is your traction? 

35K Users, 9000 Spots, 23 Countries. Biggest Onsite-Payment System for Campers in Europe. Plan is to go international to skip seasonal downs. 

It’s impressive! And who is behind your product? 

We're 4 Co-Founders. All skills are in the team. You can meet our team on our website

What is your company’s financing plan? 

Actual >900K in Series A. 500K has been already funded. 400K we are going to raise through the Brokerbot

What problems did parknsleep AG face in terms of financing before reaching out to Aktionariat? 

It was difficult to get funds from VCs. 

True. For startups it could be a real hassle. What made you choose Aktionariat instead of seeking capital from VCs? 

It was a perfect match with our business (sharing economy). People have "their own app" in their pocket when investing in us. Our goal is crowdinvesting. We can benefit from continuous fundraising solutions while skipping VCs in the meantime. 

Why would you recommend Aktionariat to other Startups and SMEs?

Easy to use, "true" market, buyers can sell anytime. Its a lot of trust as well. 

Thanks, Lukas, for the inspiring talk! Let's enhance the camping experience together!

If you want to learn more about parknsleep AG, feel free to visit their investor relations page.

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