January 30, 2024

Interview with Martin from Auviso

Auviso (AUVISO Audio Visual Solutions AG) is one of the leading full-service providers of audio-visual solutions for events and media technology installations in Switzerland.  The key to their success is employees. Today, Auviso is partnering with Aktionariat to leverage the solutions for the business growth. Learn more about Auviso and their plans in our latest interview. 

Hello, Martin! What is your role at Auviso?  

I’m the CEO of Auviso. 

What problem is your company trying to solve? 

Simplify the use of sophisticated productions for multimedia events and complex media architectures in permanent installations. 

How can you describe the solution you offer? 

Personal and individual, competent and reliable - from A to Z from a single source. With in-depth product knowledge and a consistent focus on solutions.

What is the product you have developed? 

360’ services for all multimedia requirements.

What is your revenue model? 

Service income and margin from product sales. 

What market do you target? 

The B2B market, mainly in German-speaking Switzerland.

What milestones did you reach in 2023?

We celebrated our 20th anniversary at the KKL Luzern. With our 7 locations throughout Switzerland, we want to grow even more regionally.

One of your core values is your employees. Can you tell us about your team? 

A great team who are really on the road for our customers 24/7. The owner-managed company employs around 160 people and is headquartered in Lucerne with offices in Basel, Berne, Chur, Davos, St. Gallen and Zurich.

What is your need that is being met by an Aktionariat solution? 

Easy handling of employee participation. 

Which offer are you going to introduce in your company? 

Tokenization Package. 

Have you already thought about making your shares available to the public? 

Yes, however, we'll skip that for now.

Why did your employees decide to take part in the investment round?

Additional identification factor for employees - from employee to owner. Participation and contribution at the general assembly.

Would you recommend Aktionariat to other start-ups and SMEs, and if so, why?

Very much so. Highly motivated employees, innovative solutions.

Thank you, Martin, for your insights. Wish you a successful journey ahead! 

Find out more about Auviso and their solutions here

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