January 19, 2023

Interview with Noah from Sportsparadise Switzerland AG

Another day, another tokenization. This time we had the chance to talk to Noah Berchtold, CEO of the most recent company who unlocked the full potential of their shares: Sportsparadise Switzerland AG

Okay then, let’s get started with the most burning question first: Please describe your business in one sentence.

Sportsparadise provides a digital marketplace that combines various offers in the field of endurance sports, wellness and health.

Sounds interesting! Now why and how does your business provide value?

Through the digital marketplace, which enables the comparison, booking and rating of offers relating to endurance sports, wellness and health, Sportsparadise builds a bridge between suppliers and the sports-interested population. With the introduction of "SportDeals", Sportsparadise enables sporty people to buy selected sports products at preferential prices.

Very convincing. Now please tell us a little bit more about your company's vision?

The vision of Sportsparadise is to become the advantage platform that connects sporty people and suppliers. For this reason, Sportsparadise launches the first endurance sports community in German-speaking area.

Inspiring! Yet, I think a vision needs to be backed by an outstanding team. So, could you please tell me a little bit more about your team?

We are convinced that an active lifestyle is the basis for a healthy and fulfilling life. Sportsparadise consists of a young and dynamic team consisting of Noah Berchtold and Greta Ingendaay (management), 3 full-stack software developers and an experienced board of directors consisting of Ivan Schmid, Jürg Bucher and Pascal Jenny.

That sounds great. What important milestones have you been able to reach on your way there?

1. Launch of a digital B2C marketplace in the field of sports tourism.
2. Development of an API interface that enables direct bookings from over 2,800 hotels across Europe.
3. 50+ partnerships with players from the sports sector.
4. 2.000+ bookings and contact referrals.
5. 75.000+ visitors to the platform, 1.000 registered members. Newsletter reach of 170.000 through strategic partnerships.

Very impressive! Now how come that you have decided to tokenize your shares and offer them to the public? Can you tell us a little bit more about the reasoning and the process behind it?

Crowdinvesting via tokenized shares is the perfect way for us to let our community participate in the development of Sportsparadise and grow together.

Really innovative. So, the next question might seem like a no-brainer, but why should people buy shares from your company? What kind of benefits do you offer new shareholders.

Investing in Sportsparadise means becoming part of the largest German-speaking endurance sports community. Sportsparadise actively promotes health-conscious measures to sustainably improve quality of life and subjective health perception. Sportsparadise is committed to helping sporty people overcome challenges that prevent a lifestyle full of sporting activity.

That's music to my ears! But one final question if I may: Where do you see your company in 2 years from now? What are the next steps on the company's roadmap and do you have any plans to expand your business into other countries?

For users, sportsparadise.ch is considered the place to go when it comes to offers and information from the world of endurance sports. Partners benefit from a precisely fitting target group for their offers. The platform enables and promotes exchange and networking among like-minded people.

That's it! Thank you so much for the illuminating answers, Noah! Also, we wish you all the best for your first round of Crowdinvesting.

If you're an investor who wants to find out more about this investment you can simply take a look at the investor relations page of Sportsparadise Switzerland AG.

In order to learn more about the Brokerbot, tokenized shares and everything else regarding the future of private equity, simply request a call and we're happy to show you around.

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