January 18, 2024

Interview with Reto from Ariv

Ever experienced the challenge of relocating to a completely new city or country? The sense of isolation and unfamiliarity can be overwhelming. This is a common experience for many working professionals. Ariv provides a solution – fully equipped apartments and a suite of services customized to individual needs, including mail handling and a point of contact for everyday queries.

Ariv has just initiated a crowdinvesting campaign together with OOMNIUM. Dive into our latest interview to explore this investment opportunity further.

Hi Reto! What’s your role at Ariv? 

I’m a Co-Founder & Member of the Board of Directors. 

What is the problem that you and your team are working on to solve?

Finding affordable accommodation and socialising in Switzerland is a particular challenge for many newcomers.

Did you find a solution for this challenge? 

Yes. Ariv offers not only flexible accommodation with hotel-like services, but also an active community. Open your suitcase and start living.

How do you make this solution a reality?

Our locations offer our members fully furnished micro-apartments, beautifully designed and cleverly laid out, with plenty of communal areas such as a co-working space, communal kitchen, cinema and gym. We also ensure that newcomers get off to a good start with our on-site hosts and a range of hotel services.

Sounds like a great place to start living in a new city. Could you share insights into your business model?

Ariv leases commercial properties, such as old hotels, on a long-term basis, organises the refurbishment and provides a range of services such as cleaning and domiciliation. With a good mix of long-term and short-term guests, we optimise occupancy and average rates, while simplified, digitized processes optimise operating costs.

What market do you target? 

We target international companies with travelling employees in Swiss metropolitan areas. We also target private individuals who want to build a life in Switzerland. We compete with aparthotels, serviced apartments or regular business hotels.

What traction has your company achieved thus far?  

Since opening in Basel on 1 June 2022, Ariv has already recorded over 32,000 overnight stays and has an average occupancy rate of around 85% after just 12 months. We are now moving on to Cham in Zug in May. From there, we want to continue to grow in urban centres in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. 

To achieve that a company should have a team of like-minded people. Would you mind telling us more about them? 

The founders, Flavian Hächler and myself, have teamed up with a hungry team with a background in coliving, hotels and relocation. They live the coliving culture and believe in the social and cultural added value of this global living trend. Ariv is backed by Aquilas Company Builder AG, which specialises in innovative space utilisation concepts in the operator model. 

What is your current funding plan? 

Ariv is looking to raise around 1 million for the next stage of expansion through existing shareholders and the crowdfunding campaign. The funds will be used to finance the new location, drive digitalisation and open more locations in Swiss cities. 

What was the problem or challenge you faced before you approached OOMNIUM & Aktionariat?

We have not yet found a way to deal with the many requests from investors with "small" investment needs. The costs of funding, administration and governance are often too high in some cases. With OOMNIUM and Aktionariat, we can easily do this through tokenization and smart contracts.

What made you choose OOMNIUM & Aktionariat solutions?

With OOMNIUM and Aktionariat, we can easily map the marketing, onboarding and governance processes through tokenization and smart contracts. This also ensures that the shareholder agreement can be easily implemented in the event of an exit. 

Why would you recommend OOMNIUM & Aktionariat to other startups and SMEs?

They stand out as leading crowdfunding platforms in Switzerland with a proven track record of successful cases. 

To learn more about Ariv and their crowdinvesting, you take a look at their investment pitch.

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