November 17, 2022

Interview with Stefan Berger from SIA Swiss Influencer Award AG

Hi Stefan and thank you for taking the time to talk about the SIA Swiss Influencer Award AG. I'd say we start off with the most burning question first: What's your business all about in just one sentence. 

“SIA Swiss Influencer Award AG is the founder of the most important Swiss award for influencers. The SIA acts as a hub for influencers and advertisers.”

Sounds interesting! Why and how does your business provide value?

“We offer influencers, advertisers and social media experts a platform. We give companies the opportunity to present their brands and products authentically and support them as a competence center in all areas of influencer and social media marketing.”

Valuable indeed. Now please tell us a little bit more about your company's vision:

“The field of influencer marketing will grow steadily and exploit its potential more and more. SIA is at the forefront of this movement with its services and serves as an important bridge between influencers, advertisers and agencies. We help companies take their social media marketing to the next level.”

That sounds great! So, what important milestones have you reached on your way there?

“After only three years, the Swiss Influencer Award is established in the influencer industry and the company is already profitable. Even more important, however, are the high brand recognition and credibility. This has enabled us to conclude long-term sponsorship agreements with strong partners.”

Insightful. Now this may seem like a no-brainer, but why should people buy shares from your company?

“Over the next 5 years, we will scale the successful Influencer Award model and add complementary services. By 2027, we want to increase our profit to 1.5 million annually. This would increase the value of the shares by 200-300%.”

Great! And what does your ideal shareholder look like? Who should buy your shares? 

“We would like to see the greatest possible diversity of shareholders. We already sense great interest from influencers themselves, but also from agencies or simply from people who want to be part of the movement and benefit from the boom in influencer marketing.” 

Very good. Now one final question if I may: Where do you see your company in 2 years from now?

“In the next two years, we will implement our unique and profitable award concept in several additional countries. In the area of micro influencer marketing, we want to continue to grow strongly and increase profitability.”

Thank you very much for the interview, Stefan. I think this will provide a lot of value to your future shareholders.

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