June 6, 2021

New Feature deployed on the Brokerbot: Payment via bank transfer

Since we want to better connect companies of fundamental value to their current and future shareholders, we are constantly working on lowering the hurdles to place an investment in such a company. Entering the world of cryptos is still not that easy. However, in order to familiarize a broad mass with the investment opportunities that we make accessible with Aktionariat, we must remove the barriers to entry as far as possible. One of the obstacles so far was that one needed to hold cryptocurrencies in order to invest via the company’s Brokerbot. But not everyone who would like to invest in a private company also wants to get involved in the crypto world. Ultimately, Aktionariat is not primarily about blockchain per se, but about making private equity more liquid and accessible. So if we want as many people as possible to participate in the shares market of these companies, it is imperative that we do everything we can to make trading as easy as possible.

That’s wh we developed a new feature. From now on, investors can buy tokenized shares of companies using our tools via bank transfer. By introducing the possibility to buy our client’s digital shares via bank transfer, we have certainly taken an important step towards simplified accessibility. Of course, our customers are free to activate the corresponding feature. This can be seen as a milestone, as from now on even people without prior exposure to cryptocurrencies will have easy access to investments in unlisted companies.

This is how the purchase by bank transfer works

If you as an investor want to have control over your shares yourself, you need a corresponding Ethereum wallet, e.g. the Aktionariat Portfolio app. Just download an Ethereum Wallet and you are good to go. After that, simply follow the intuitive steps below to buy tokenized shares of the company you desire.

  1. Visit the investor relations page of your company of choice and connect your wallet to the Brokerbot located there.
  2. Insert the number of shares you would like to buy. Please take into account that in the case of our shares “DAKS” a minimum of 1’000 shares must be purchased in order to pay by bank transfer.
  3. Choose “CHF (bank transfer)” in the “Means of Payment”-section of the Brokerbot.
  4. Check the first of the two checkboxes, enter your email address in the field provided and click the “Send Payment Instructions” button.
  5. Directly after that you will receive an email with the payment instructions for the bank transfer. Follow the instructions when you record your bank payment.

Done! Once your payment is received in the company’s account, it will deliver the tokens to your Ethereum wallet. As easy as that.

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