June 14, 2021

quitt. shares are on the blockchain and ready to be traded

Aktionariat is proud to announce the successful activation of quitt.’s Brokerbot. quitt. is a Swiss brand well known for accounting and administrative services for private household help employment, run by ServiceHunter AG, founded in 2010. The tokenized quitt. shares (ticker: DQTS) are available for purchase on quitt.’s Investor Relations page.

A simple toolset that opens a world of opportunities

quitt. created a market for their tokenized shares using a simple but powerful toolset offered by Aktionariat. Parallel to minting its shares on the Ethereum blockchain, quitt. built an Investor Relations page by implementing our set of market widgets. The core piece that lays the foundation for this kind of decentralized share market is our Brokerbot. Once implemented, this tool allows a company to sell its shares to the public, directly from its website. It opens a new world of opportunities to both the issuing company and to investors by offering access to shares of privately held companies. Furthermore, our toolset allows quitt. to inform existing and future shareholders about its business performance.

Unleashing the potential of quitt.’s community

“We want to give our customers and supporters the opportunity to have a part of quitt.’s success,” says Marie-Christin Kamann, CEO of ServiceHunter AG. The underlying idea is that many happy customers and business partners would like to own a piece of the company they are strongly bonded with. quitt. on the other hand will gain access to fresh liquid funds arising out of the investments being made by the community and other potential investors. The goal is to create a win-win situation for quitt. and its investors.

Aktionariat wishes quitt. the best possible start in this new adventure and looks forward to a successful long-term relationship.

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