Please read this important information carefully before taking any decision involving investment activity.
Offer only valid for persons in Switzerland and the EEA

The public offer to purchase the shares is exclusively addressed to persons domiciled or resident in Switzerland or the EEA. Persons from other countries are expressly excluded and it is prohibited to distribute this offer in any way in such countries. The offer for persons from the EEA is limited to a total of €100,000.

No guarantee for future forecasts

This website contains statements and forecasts relating to the future development of the company and its business areas. These forecasts represent estimates that we have made on the basis of all the information available to us at the present time. Should the assumptions underlying the forecasts fail to materialize or risks materialize, actual developments and results may differ from current expectations.

No investment advice or recommendation

The website contains general information on the offer. This information is not a substitute for financial advice based on the individual circumstances and knowledge of the investor. Each person is responsible for consulting suitable experts in order to assess the suitability of the offer and the associated risks for his or her own financial situation as well as the tax consequences of an investment.


An investment in shares is associated with various risks and a loss of up to the entire capital invested may occur.