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Welcome to the world of Aktionariat.

Aktionariat connects startups and investors through seamless investor relations and blockchain technology.
Direct relationship, free of intermediaries.
Powered by Ethereum Blockchain.

Our tools enable companies to create a market of their shares on their websites.

Our solution allows investors to buy and sell shares without the need of intermediaries.

Thereby we help our clients to create a liquid market
for their shares in a fully decentralized and automated manner.

Our Solutions

Our tools make you forget about IPOs.

Our solution allows you to trade your company’s shares with investors directly on your website.

Brokerbot enables startups to sell shares online.Portfolio App to manage tokenized shares.

A fully automated, blockchain-based market tool.

  • Embedded in your company's website.
  • Equipped with shares of your company (treasury shares)
  • Trade shares against XCHF, Ether or even CHF
  • Based on smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain or Optimism Layer-2 network
  • Shares are minted as ERC-20 security tokens
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Manage and store your assets.

  • Trade tokenized shares by connecting with the Brokerbot
  • Manage Ethereum-based assets (self custody wallet) & traditional shares
  • Request the tokenization of traditional shares
  • Transfer Ethereum and Optimism-based assets
  • Supports the WalletConnect protocol
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