April 12, 2023

Scan to Pay: QR-Bill-Feature Enables Investors to Pay Shares With CHF Faster and Easier.

Today, we announce the introduction of a groundbreaking feature that revolutionizes the way investors pay for shares. The QR-Bill feature allows investors to make swift and effortless payments, enhancing their trading experience.

QR-Bill utilizes quick response (QR) codes, enabling investors to conveniently scan and pay for shares using their smartphones or compatible devices. This technology simplifies the transaction process, eliminating the need for manual input of payment details.

Investors can access their trading accounts through a mobile app or web platform, select shares for purchase, and scan a specific QR code for instant payment initiation.

The QR-Bill feature offers advantages such as error elimination, faster payment processing, and enhanced security. Each transaction generates a unique encrypted QR code with the necessary payment information, protecting investors against fraud.

This feature reflects our commitment to exceptional user experiences and streamlining investment processes. We invite investors to explore and utilize this new feature, enhancing their trading experience with quick and hassle-free payment for shares.

To get started with the QR-Bill feature, definitely check out the video below.

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