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Hold tokenized shares and traditional shares securely in self-custody with our Portfolio App.

Our mobile wallet is the safe deposit box for your shares. Connect your mobile wallet to a Brokerbot to buy stocks and access them anytime. Register your personal details in the wallet before buying to be automatically recorded in the company's share register.

See the market value of your shares at any time and transfer them directly to another wallet if needed. The wallet also acts as an authentication tool for a company's signatories, e.g., to approve transactions.

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The private equity market

Private equity refers to investments in privately-owned companies or in public companies with the intent to take them private. Venture capital is a specialized form of private equity that typically involves investing in or providing financing to startup or early-stage companies with high growth potential (CFA institute, 2021, p.4).


US Private equity outperformed the S&P 500 index by 3.02%*
* mean annual return over 25 years (CFA institute, 2021. p.41)

+111% (2020-2021)

Global venture funding increased by 111% YoY*
* $ 249B in 2020 vs. $ 621 in 2021 (CB Insights, 2021 Q4, p.8)


Number of exits: 58% more global exits in 2021 compared to 2020
*Global M&A exits jump to over 10K, (2020: 6'833, 2021: 10'792) (CB Insights Q4, 2021, p.69)


Europe VC funding up by more than 2x*
* Europe VC funding reached $93.3B in 2021. Comparison: 2020's funding amounted to $38.5B (CB Insights Q4, 2021, p.236)

CHF 3.1 B

CHF 3.1B invested capital in Swiss startups 2021 *
*st+44% from CHF 2.124B in 2020 (

Investment Opportunities


Important information: Read our disclaimer before taking any investment decisions.

In a historical view, investments in private companies typically lacked any consistent access to liquidity.
Introduced in early 2021, our marketplace enables the buying and selling of private company shares, providing liquidity when business demands it.

The offered security tokens represent real shares of companies. No digital twins or the like: fully-fledged shares based on blockchain technology and backed by Swiss DLT-Law.

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Investing in private companies with Aktionariat is straightforward.


Download the Aktionariat Portfolio App.


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Place your investments directly in our App.


Buy more or sell your shares.

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Aktionariat brings fundamental investing to the crypto world. Today, the most traded crypto-assets do not represent any tangible value. We want to change this by using blockchain technology which enables the trading of tokenized company shares.

Excited? We are. Join us on our journey by becoming a fellow shareholder of Aktionariat AG.

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