October 10, 2023

Interview with Alan Frei

Alan Frei is a life hacker, entrepreneur, and aspiring Olympic curler. While he has founded several businesses, but only Amorana found success. In 2022, he sold it to the UK-based Lovehoney Group. Following Amorana, he created the Alan Frei Company, focusing on optimization through content, community and products.

Today, Alan Frei is selling his tokens online! Let’s discover this investment opportunity in our interview with him. 

Hi, Alan! What a fascinating journey you’ve started! Tell us more about your new venture. 

Over the past few months, I’ve been heavily involved with the American direct-to-consumer (D2C) market and have been fascinated by how content-focused D2C startups are challenging existing "giants."  

The latest and one of the most striking examples is the case of Gatorade vs. Prime Energy. Prime Energy, a company just two years young, recently displaced Gatorade as the official beverage sponsor of FC Barcelona. This doesn't just come out of the blue; over the past few years, founders Logan Paul and KSI have built a loyal following through their content on channels like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, which they are now monetizing.

Such companies are independent of traditional media and my template for the next company, Alan Frei Company (AFC). 

What is your role in Alan Frei Company?

I’m the Founder. I’m fully dedicated to this company. I don’t take any board seats or participate in other companies. My goal is to build a global brand over the next 15 years. 

A great team is probably the most important asset in any company. Please tell us something about your team?

Small team, building a small giant.

What is the problem that you are solving?

We are solving the problem that the market for optimized urban travel is under-represented. There is a lot for outdoors but not for urban travellers.

And how are you going to do it? 

At AFC, we focus on the exciting topic of lifehacking. In addition to lifehacking and optimization content, which does very well on social media and is my personal passion, we also launch various gadgets and products for entrepreneurs and lifehackers.

Interesting! We’d love to learn more about your product. Could you please share some insights with us? 

There are three pillars: 

1. Content creation

The next generation of direct-to-consumer brands are emerging from the combination of content and social media. These brands are often built on "internet personalities," such as MrBeast, Gary Vee, or Logan Paul. I’ll therefore publish entertaining and educational content, tied to my person at the beginning, on all social media platforms. The content I create includes startup-related (how to build a startup and interviews with startups), lifehacks, how-to videos (especially for travel), and content about my Olympic journey.

2. Community building

Through my content I address founders, entrepreneurs and generally people who are interested in self-optimization. These people are already attending my A3F conferences, among others, today. Meanwhile, I’m testing how I can map the community online as well.

3. Selling useful products

I orientate myself on brands like Muji, Prime Energy or MrBeast Brands. Soon I'll launch an all-weather jacket with so many pockets that it can comfortably hold almost all hand luggage :) I'm also working on the probably most comfortable and at the same time most stylish suit pants, incl. radiation protection for the private parts and theft-proof pockets. Or my travel backpack, which can be converted into a briefcase in seconds and is optimized to pass airport security in minimal time. Even the accompanying toiletry bag has been optimized. 

What is your business model?

Building a next-generation D2C brand through a blend of content and social media tied to my persona. Build and grow a loyal following. Then monetize it through physical products (apparel, food, travel gear) and events. 

What market do you address? 

The Swiss market first, an international audience later. The target group is founders, entrepreneurs, and people interested in self-optimization.

What achievements have you celebrated thus far? 

Getting the process going, creating good content and building initial product prototypes. 

Recently, you have tokenized yourself and started selling shares online. How much are you raising and how are you going to use the funds? 

200-500k. There is no minimum amount you have to invest, i.e. you can buy as many shares as you want. One share is currently traded at about CHF 1.42 (price increases constantly with purchases). 

What was the problem or challenge that you were facing before reaching out to Aktionariat?

Firstly, cumbersome traditional financing rounds, time-consuming negotiations and endless contracts. Secondly, minimum share quantity scared off smaller investors. And finally, it was a challenge to make consumers into co-owners. 

What actions did you take to address these challenges? 

I’ve tokenized my shares and I am raising capital with Aktionariat :) My goal in working with their team is to facilitate crowdinvesting and turn customers into co-owners. 

What were the key results with Aktionariat and how are you planning to use our solution?

We’d link shares directly to Alan Frei tokens. AFC would be the first D2C company to utilize this model. 

It's also exciting that I can make customers co-owners by tokenizing the shares. Let's assume a customer buys a product. In the future, he or she will receive shares, for example, to the extent of 10% of the purchase price. I believe that this will be an absolute gamechanger in the D2C industry. AFC would be the first D2C company to use this model.

Why would you recommend Aktionariat to other Startups and SMEs?

Investment is greatly simplified. The shares are tradable from day 1 if there is enough liquidity - just like on the stock market. There will be no more traditional funding rounds. This means no more time-consuming negotiations and no more everlasting contracts. The entire share registry and every transaction are transparently mapped on the blockchain. Buying and trading is extremely easy as a result. Also, you can buy as many shares as you want - there is no minimum number and you can also buy more shares at a later date or sell your shares when there is liquidity. The payment is simply done by bank transfer or cryptos and then you will get your shares/tokens.

It is important to understand that the tokens are tied to your shares and vice versa. In other words, you are a normal shareholder with all rights under Swiss law.  

All transactions are written to the blockchain in real time. 

Wow, such an incredible venture! How can we invest in your company? 

You can buy AFC shares through the Brokerbot on my Investor Relations page. If you don't already have the Aktionariat Portfolio App, you can download it and make the investment process even easier.

Additionally, you can store your shares on a hardware wallet from Aktionariat safely. This is what I did. You can order it here

Alan, your venture is truly inspiring! Thank you for the interview and good luck! 

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