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Aktionariat offers a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their digital shares on their own website.

How our market works

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A meaningful trading venue provides a share with sufficient liquidity. Unfortunately, even shares listed on central trading venues are sometimes affected by illiquidity, especially if they are not traded frequently enough (e.g. SIX listed titles are not necessarily liquid).

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Following the successful model of Uniswap, we enable companies to provide a liquidity pool themselves.

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Thanks to this fully decentralized approach, we achieve high liquidity, full market control and maximum decentralization in line with the blockchain philosophy.

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Manage your assets safer than ever before.

With the latest addition to our product portfolio, you can now manage your assets safer than ever before. With this cold storage you have an even safer place for your blockchain based assets and don’t have to compromise on user friendliness.

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Highlights of our Investor Hardware Wallet

  • Secure your funds offline
  • Pay with crypto at all eligible stores
  • Insure yourself against the loss of one card with the included backup card
  • Easily check your current holdings using the integrated NFC chip
  • Fully integrated with the Portfolio App
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Key features

Portfolio management

Holding assets in a secure, cold storage has finally become user-friendly thanks to the Investor Hardware Wallet.

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The Aktionariat Portfolio App is the only application you will need to manage your Ethereum- and Optimism-based tokens as well as traditional shares. The self-custody wallet provides an overview of the positions a user holds in the App as well as a detailed view of every single asset in the portfolio.

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In addition to directly held assets, our App is also capable of displaying external wallet addresses. For example, if you own a token that resides in a lockup contract, it will be automatically displayed in the portfolio section of our App. To our knowledge, the Aktionariat App is the first that introduced support for such contracts. If you are the creator of a lockup contract that is not supported yet and would like us to support it, let us know.

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For every asset an investor holds, the App provides a balances overview across wallets and positions. This means the wallet is capable of managing Ethereum- and Optimism-based assets from multiple Ethereum addresses at once. Users can retrace the trading activity for every asset in the portfolio. They can look up asset transfers (including date and time) as well as the corresponding price and quantity of the asset and the counterparty’s Ethereum address.

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An investor can request the tokenization of any number of traditional shares currently held in traditional form and represented in our App. This process legally binds a share to an ERC-20 token in the Ethereum network. Each request has to be approved by the board of directors, which will be provided with the investor's profile information so they can verify the request.

Buy, sell & transfer

Transfering funds just got more secure and buying real world goods with crypto has become reality.

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Our Portfolio App lets investors connect with a market, like a Brokerbot, in order to buy and sell Ethereum- and Optimism-based assets. The app is connected with a market by scanning the market’s QR-code and confirming the connection in the app by tapping on the corresponding button in the dialog box. That way our app can be connected to hundreds of different markets allowing you trade security tokens (tokenized shares) and other Ethereum- and Optimism-based assets by using only one single app.

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Not sure how to buy Ether? No worries, our App provides a fiat on-ramp through the service provider Bity. Simply insert the amount of Ether you want to buy and provide your IBAN. Once you sent the designated amount via bank transfer, your crypto will be transferred to your wallet within a couple of hours.

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Easily transfer Ethereum-based assets with the Aktionariat Portfolio App. Transfers can be triggered through the App by entering the recipient’s Ethereum address (or scan a QR-code) and the amount to send.

Manage your personal information, your e-mail addresses and your notification settings. Want to be registered in the shareholder registry? Our app allows you to register your name and address. Whenever you buy digital shares of a company by connecting our app to a Brokerbot, the shareholder registry of the corresponding company will be automatically updated with your credentials and the actual number of shares you own.

Aktionariat is constantly working on improving its Portfolio App and functionalities to make it even more convenient to handle and trade different types of assets. If you come across ideas on how to further improve one or more of our tools, please let us know.

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