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Aktionariat offers a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their digital shares on their own website.

How our market works

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A meaningful trading venue provides a share with sufficient liquidity. Unfortunately, even shares listed on central trading venues are sometimes affected by illiquidity, especially if they are not traded frequently enough (e.g. SIX listed titles are not necessarily liquid).

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Following the successful model of Uniswap, we enable companies to provide a liquidity pool themselves.

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Thanks to this fully decentralized approach, we achieve high liquidity, full market control and maximum decentralization in line with the blockchain philosophy.

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A Portal for Your Investors: The Investor Relations Page

Struggling to communicate your business's potential to investors through your website? Look no further. Our comprehensive investor relations page template can be customized to your case.

We explore how to narrate your robust business model, introduce your founding team, highlight influential media coverage, showcase heartening client testimonials, and present your financial health and growth prospects.

This well-rounded approach not only elevates your online presence but also paves the way for building trust and attracting investment.

Dive in to transtorm your investor relations today.

Show Progress to Your Investors in Real-Time, All on one Page

It is hard to keep your investors up-to-date when your company is moving fast and grows quickly. With our pre-built investor widgets you can easily show the most important information to your investors. And best of all, they’re updating in real time with your personal data.

A screenshot from the example Investor Relation Page.
A screenshot from the example Investor Relation Page.

Upgrade Your Investor Relations and Display Changes of Your Business Whenever They Appear.
No Code Needed

Investor relations is simple when you have our plug-and-play investor relations page at hand. It adapts when your company changes almost like magic. Simply plug in updated pictures, documents and videos or even change whole sections of the page with the easy to use investor relations template.

Raise Funds Without Friction, Sell Shares, Register Investors and Build Trust

Tokenized shares are just the beginning of the bright future of your company. Every investor relations page comes with a fully integrated Brokerbot and a venue to register as an investor. That means your investors can buy and sell shares with cryptocurrencies or fiat money whenever they want.

A screenshot from the example Investor Relation Page.
A screenshot from the example Investor Relation Page.

A Page Built for your Investors – by our Experts, 100% Peace of Mind

We won’t leave you in the dark with all these possibilities. Our designer and our technology specialists build the very best investor relations page for your investors ever. If you have questions they guide you through every step of the way. Rest assured that there are no additional costs needed for external experts – it’s all included in our solution already.

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