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How to Set up your Ledger Nano S

Adding a Ledger (hardware wallet) as an additional signer to the company multi-signature wallet can be divided into 2 steps:

  1. Setting up your Ledger (hardware wallet) for the first time
  2. Adding the Address of the Ledger as an additional Signer

1. Setting up your Ledger for the first time

If you have already set up your Ledger (hardware wallet) you can skip this step.

To set up your Ledger for the first time you should follow the detailed instructions on the Ledger homepage:

Set up guide for Ledger Nano S

Guide for safety


Never type your recovery phrase in any website, we and Ledger will never ask you for your recovery phrase.

Please always check if you are on the official website of Ledger, in case the link above is invalid or you think a malicious actor replaced the link please contact us.

2. Adding the address of the Ledger as an additional signer

This includes two step:

  1. Find out or create your first Ethereum address of your Ledger
  2. Add the Ledger address as additional signer

(if you know the Ethereum address already you can skip directly to the 2nd step)

2.1. Find out or create your first Ethereum address

To manage your Ledger please download the official Ledger Live App:

After you installed the Ledger Live App, you have to set up a password and verify your Ledger. (Also install the newest firmware if you get notified for it) 

To create an account select "Accounts" on the left and then click on the "+ Add account" on the top right (see screenshot below).

Image 1: Add account

In the pop-up menu select "Ethereum (ETH)" from the dropdown menu and follow the instructions.

Image 2: Select Asset

To see your address you can click on "Receive" on the left hand side of the interface.

Image 3: Find Address
  1. Then select your newly created Ethereum account...
Image 4: Select your New Account
  1. ...and there you can copy your address.
Image 5: Copy your Address

2.2 Add address as signer

To add the Ledger address as a signer, log into the your dashboard with your admin account and select “Multisig Keys” in the left menu.

Image 6: Navigate to Multisig Keys

Then click “Add Signature Key” on the bottom right.

Image 7: Add a Signature Key

Finally, enter the address of the Leger in the pop-up menu and set the signatory power you like.

Image 8: Set the Signatory Power

Last but not least: Don’t forget to sign this proposal with your current signers!