Aktionariat offers a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their digital shares on their own website.

Manage your shares Using the Ledger – Through MyEtherWallet

Go to the Website of MyEtherWallet. Click on ‘’Access my Wallet’’.

Image 1: MyEtherWallet Overview

Then scroll down and click on "Hardware Wallets".

Image 2: Connect a Hardware Wallet

Now you see an overview of multiple options. Click on ‘’Ledger’’. Then you choose how you would like to connect your Ledger (Bluetooth / USB). When clicking on USB, you will need to confirm the pop-up which shows your ledger device.

Image 3: Select a Hardware Wallet

When clicking on USB, you will need to confirm the pop-up which shows your ledger device.

Image 4: Connect a Hardware Wallet

In the next step you can choose which addresses you would like to import (Maybe you only have one). Then click on ‘’Access my wallet’’.

Image 5: Select the Network

In a next step you need to click on the three dots and choose ‘’Add Token’’.

Image 6: Add Tokens

To add the Token, you will need the contract address of the bought token you want to see. For that please visit the Investor Page of the company you have bought the shares from and look for the Brokerbot. In the Brokerbot click on ‘’Details’’ and then click on the address on the right side of‘’[Your Ticker] Contract’’. This will open

Image 7: Find the Token Address

On Etherscan you click on the sign marked below (Copy address to Clipboard).

Image 8: Copy the Token Address on Etherscan

Switch back to the page of MyEtherWallet. Know paste the address into the field under ‘’Add custom token’’ & click next. Now you can name the token.

Image 9: Paste the Token Address

In the next step you will have to define the Name and the Symbol. If you do not know this information about your shares, you can find it in the Brokerbot of the company you bought shares from (See image 10).

Image 10: Add Share Name and Ticker

Congratulations, you can now see your shares on MyEtherWallet. Please be aware, that the price and the logo can only be seen in the Aktionariat Portfolio App.

Image 11: Price and Logo are Only Shown in the Portfolio App