Aktionariat offers a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their digital shares on their own website.

Referral Links

Referral codes are a great way to drive up traffic and investments. In this documentation you’ll learn how to generate, use and track your referral codes using the new referral link feature.

How to generate referral links?

In order to generate referral links you can simply use the URL of your investor relations page (IRP) followed by a question mark and the string “referralCode=”. After the equal sign you can now insert any personalized, alphanumeric combination (the referral code) in order to generate a referral link.

Example (for new IRP):

Example (for old IRP):

When it comes to a personalized referral code it is good practice to include the name of the referrer together with a randomized number. This allows it to keep track of individual referrers more easily.

How to use referral links?

As soon as you have chosen a preferred referral link, you can send them out to a person of choice. In turn, this person can send out his or her referral link to prospective investors, partners or clients. Now, each and every time a person uses this link to buy shares, the activity will be logged in the Corporate Dashboard.

It is important to note that the activity is logged based on an actual on-chain-transaction. This means that for people who buy via bank transfer, you must approve the transaction and send the shares to a wallet before any activity gets associated with a certain link.

How and where to track referral links?

In order to track the activity associated with your referral links, you must log in to the Corporate Dashboard and then navigate to the accounting tab. There you will see a subcategory called “Referrals”.

Image 1: Referral Link in the Corporate Dashboard

The following statistics will be tracked for every referral link:

Image 2: Referral Link Tracking Properties

Date & Time

This indicates the date and time of a transaction.

Referral Code

Shows the personalized code of a referrer.

Buyer name

This is the name of the person who bought shares using a referral link.

Buyer email

This is the email of the person who bought shares using a referral link.

Buyer phone number

This is the phone number of the person who bought shares using a referral link.

Shares amount

The amount of shares that were bought via the link.

Total price

The total price a buyer paid for their shares.

Type Reference Code

Indicates whether a person bought via bank transfer or cryptocurrencies.

Transaction Link

This is the link to the transaction on the blockchain. By following the link you can see all transaction data that was stored on chain.

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