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Adding Tokens to MetaMask

This document explains how to add custom tokens to your MetaMask wallet. This is necessary if you decide to use the MetaMask wallet instead of the Portfolio App.

If you prefer a visual walkthrough, we have a video tutorial on how to add tokens to metamask as well:

Lastly, it is important to mention that there are two different versions of MetaMask wallets. There is one for the browser (Browser Extension) and another one for phones (MetaMask App).

Since the interface of both versions is almost identical, we will cover them together in this section. However, we will primarily focus on the app.

Step 1: Navigate to the investor relations page

To import a new token, you must first find its address. This can be done by visiting the investor relations page of the respective company from which you would like to import tokens.

Step 2: Find the Brokerbot

After navigating to your company's brokerbot, you can simply click "Details" for more information.

Image 1: Every Brokerbot contains detailed information about the contracts it is built on.

Step 3: Find the token address

In the detail section you should see a contract address on the bottom of the list. The correct address is described by a three to five digit long „ticker“ followed by the word „contract“. A ticker is a shortname representing a specific asset. In our case, the ticker refers to a specific share, namely DAKS.

Click on the address to the right of the ticker in order to see it in full length.

Image 2: The token contract can be found in the lower section of the transaction details.

Step 4: Check the address on etherscan

Once you clicked on the contract address you will be rerouted to etherscan. On this website you will be able to check the name of the token (under "Token Tracker") as well as the contract address.

If you are using the MetaMask App, simply copy the contract address and save it in a file that you can also access on your phone. You can also send an email or text message to yourself in order to achieve that.

If you are using the browser extension it's even easier than that (see step 4.1).

Image 3: Copying the contract address can be done from the etherscan interface.

Step 4.1 (Browser Extension): Add the token directly to the browser extension

In order to add a custom token to the MetaMask Browser Extension you need to click on the Token Tracker first. After that, you will be able to click on "More" in the top right. Then, you will see the option to add the token to your MetaMask Browser Extension. If you click it, the MetaMask Browser Extension will automatically open.

Now, you just have to unlock your wallet (if you haven't already) and add the token.

Image 4: Add a token to the MetaMask Browser Extension.

Step 5: Open the MetaMask App

Now open the MetaMask wallet on your phone and click on „Import Tokens“ on the bottom of your screen.

Image 5: In the lower section of the MetaMask wallet there is the option to import new tokens.

Final step: Import token

Select the „CUSTOM TOKEN“ tab and paste the contract address from before into the field „token address“. Proceed with entering the ticker into the „Token Symbol“ field. However, this will usually be filled automatically.

Lastly, you must simply click on „import“ to see your shares in the MetaMask App.

Image 6: Enter the token details such as its address and its token symbol aka ticker.