Aktionariat offers a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their digital shares on their own website.

Adding tokens to MetaMask

If you are using MetaMask to buy or sell shares, you can add the share tokens to MetaMask, to easily check your balances or send transactions directly inside MetaMask.

After you complete a purchase or sale in the Brokerbot, you will see a button "Add Token to Metamask". Simply pressing this button will pass all necessary information to MetaMask and trigger it to ask for your confirmation. Simply accept the request, and your shares will become visible under Metamask.

If you have skipped this step, if you received share tokens through other means, or if you want to add the token to MetaMask directly for any other reason, select "Import Tokens" under the account screen.

You will need to enter the smart contract address of the token you want to add. There are a number of ways to find it, but the easiest one is to go to your share token in the Aktionariat Portfolio App and tap on "View on Etherscan".

Click on "Custom Token" in MetaMask and paste the contract address into the "Token contract address" field. All other details should be detected automatically.

If they are not detected for some reason, you can enter "0" as decimals (since share tokens are not divisible) and the correct ticker manually.

Tap "Add custom token" to finish the import. Now you should be able to see your token balances under your accoung.

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