Aktionariat offers a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their digital shares on their own website.

Registry Import

The Registry Import feature enables the seamless import of the status quo of your shareholder registry at the current point in time. It creates checkpoints in your shareholder registry and overwrites entries of already existing shareholders of non tokenized shares. 

We recommend using this feature primarily when setting up your dashboard for the first time to import the status quo of your share registry. Please be aware that this feature was not designed to be used for capital increases and that we recommend to use the ‘’Add Record’’ feature for that purpose.

Please read the next steps carefully to understand the risks involved with this feature.

Step by Step Guide to Import Your Shareholders

1. Where to find it: 

1.1 Open the Corporate Dashboard

1.2 Go to “Shareholders” -> “Registry”

1.3 Click on “Import” 

Image 1. Where to find the feature?

2. How to use the function: 

Read the important notice (it will only appear, if you have already entered data into your shareholder registry) 

If the import file contains shareholders already captured in the share registry, their non-tokenized share entries will be completely overwritten, therefore make sure to enter the total amount of shares. 

We encourage you to export and back up your existing list of shareholders.

  • Read the notice and tick the checkbox
  • Click on “Export Existing Shareholders” if you want to export the current records 
  • Then Click on “Continue”

Image 2. Read the important notice

2.1 Download the template

Click on “Download” on the right side of the screen. Click “Next” as soon as you have downloaded the template. 

Image 3. Download the template

2.2 Fill in the template in the right format

Open the excel template and find the required format for uploading your data. 

Enter the required data below the predefined cells. Do not delete the example entry, as it does not affect your upload and should guide the user to use a correct format. 

To import the shareholder registry, all mandatory fields should be filled out. Make sure to enter the correct total number of shares that each of your shareholders holds. Only “Phone number” can be left blank. 

Image 4. Fill in the template

When you have completed the template, you can click on “Next” in the dashboard. If filling in the template requires more time, you can close the window and come back to the import later. In this case, you would need to start from the beginning, going directly to the step “Upload your new list of shareholders”

2.3 Upload your new list of shareholders

Select your XLS file by dragging the file to the field on the right side of the screen or browsing the files on your computer. 

Image 5. Upload the document

Additionally, you can send verification links to all shareholders and let them manage their address themselves. Just simply tick the box on the right side of the screen. You can add a message by clicking on “Add a message”. The email will be sent out to all shareholders captured in your imported file. 

Image 6. Send verification link

As soon as you upload the file and edit the message, click on “Start Importing”. Importing the shareholder registry may take a few minutes. 

The shareholder registry will be updated and checkpoints will be created. The date of checkpoints will correspond to the date of your registry import.