Aktionariat offers a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their digital shares on their own website.

Understanding the Investor Holdings Report

Investor Holdings Report is a document that provides an overview of an investor's portfolio holdings according to the Aktionariat Portfolio App. It includes information about the assets and their market value.

Now, you can simply request your holdings report in the Aktionariat Portfolio App. The holdings report is available in Excel and PDF.

How to request the Holdings Report?

1. Open the Aktionariat Portfolio App

2. Go to the "Profile" tab and find the "Reports" section

3. Click on "Holdings Report"

4. Select the date you would like to generate the report at. Please note that you can generate this report to capture today's holdings or your holdings at any past date

5. Choose the format of the holdings report and click on the corresponding button

6. The requested report will be emailed to your primary email address. The processing and delivery of your report can take up to an hour

Image 1 & 2: How to request the holdings report

Here's what's included in the holdings report:

1. Contents of the Holdings Report

1.1 Summary Section

  • Ethereum Address(es): These are all of your Ethereum addresses that can be found in the “Connect” tab in the Aktionariat Portfolio App. Assets that are not detected in the Aktionariat Portfolio App are not listed in this report.  
  • Label / Name: This part corresponds to the name of the Ethereum address listed in the “Connect" tab in the Aktionariat Portfolio App.

1.2 Assets Section

  • Assets: The assets section includes "Tokenized shares'' and "Non-tokenized shares" and “Other detected tokens and currencies''.. Under  the first and second column you can find the “Ticker” and the “Name” of the asset respectively. In addition, ”Holdings” column shows the number (units) of assets in your possession.

    “Market value per unit” as well as “Total market value” are reported according to the selected date as requested via the Aktionariat Portfolio App. The values correspond to the official Brokerbot share price at the specific date. These values are not necessarily the same as the one in the tax report since the tax value and market value can diverge significantly, especially for unprofitable companies.

2. Disclaimer

This report was generated automatically upon request by Aktionariat AG based on the blockchain-based addresses entered into the Aktionariat Portfolio App which are listed in the Summary Section. It only includes tokens supported by our system. Note that unlike the Aktionariat Portfolio App, it does not include shares moved to unknown addresses (for example cold storage) as we do not know whether the new address also belongs to you or someone else.

Market values of the cryptocurrencies (like USDC, ETH) are according to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration. The market value of those can be found in