Aktionariat offers a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their digital shares on their own website.

Setting up our Widgets

Our Widget Customizer allows companies to customize the color theme of the Brokerbot and Aktionariat Widgets.

Widget Customizer


This section allows customizing the display language of the Brokerbot. Currently English and German languages are supported.

Your Layout

The colors selected here should match the default colors of the page where our widgets will be integrated. They are not an integral part of our theming system, however they still affect the design of our widgets, since the Brokerbot has a transparent background by default and some text colors are inherited.

Widget Theme

3 colors are required to define the theme of the Brokerbot.

  1. Primary color, which is the base color for all text and components.
  2. Secondary color is used mainly for button texts, where using the primary color may create contrast problems.
  3. Highlight color is used for highlighted text, button backgrounds and while coloring some other components that should be colorful, like chart lines.

Play around with all options and see how they would affect your specific integration. That's what the Widget Customizer is for!

Widget Preview Header

Here you can select a specific widget to see how it is affected by the selected theme colors.


After you are happy with the theme, you can click "View Code" to see the exact code required to paste into your page.

"Inline Variables" are components that are just displaying some data without any design. For example the current share price or market cap can be used as embedded HTML tags instead of being hardcoded. The variables are automatically updated by our system, so your page will always show the current, updated data.

Save Your Work

At the very bottom, you can find a link that you can copy and save, if you want to save your current theme. Opening the Widget Customizer will automatically restore all previous configurations!