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Interview with Luigi and Toni from Operal AG

Interview with Laura from noii

Interview with Christine and Christian from Intrinsic

Interview with Jürg from Rüedu

Interview with Martin from Auviso

Interview with Kevin from Bakery Bakery

Interview with Peter from photoINTERNATIONAL

Interview with Reto from Ariv

Interview with Andreas from Reseda

Interview with Khawar from FINELLI

Interview with Richard from ATTILA

Interview with Alan Frei

Interview with Claudine and Sabina from moya kala AG


Interview with Lukas from parknsleep AG

Interview with Lukas from parknsleep AG

LEND Celebrates the Successful Crowdinvesting with Tokenized Shares

Interview with Florian from LEND

LEND is Switzerland's leading crowdlending platform, connecting borrowers with investors. It eliminates the middleman and charges a flat fee instead of maximizing spreads. LEND has a successful track record, funding over 300 million Swiss francs in loans with a 4.5% average interest rate. They offer preferred shares to their crowd, providing downside protection. Funds raised will fuel growth, IT expansion, and support sustainable projects. LEND aims for strong brand recognition, profitability, and a revenue of 5.5 million Swiss francs in two years.

Outlawz Food is Celebrating their Crowdinvesting with Tokenized Shares

Interview with Kevin, CEO of Outlawz Food AG

Interview with Kevin from Outlawz Food AG.

TV PLUS is Growing through the Crowdinvesting and the new Tokenized Shares

Interview with Rudolf from TV PLUS AG

TV PLUS AG tokenized their shares with Aktionariat. They now sell their security tokens online on their website. An intermediary is not necessary for this since they use the Brokerbot from Aktionariat.

Sportsparadise Switzerland Celebrates their Crowdinvesting with Tokenized Shares

Interview with Noah from Sportsparadise Switzerland AG

Founderstudio Tokenized Shares with Aktionariat and Celebrates their Crowdinvesting

Interview with Joey from FounderStudio AG

Joey Kreuter is one of the founders of FounderStudio, a company that offers a platform for entrepreneurs and startups to present their business idea in a simple and straightforward way.

People are Celebrating their Crowdinvesting

Interview with Stefan Berger from SIA Swiss Influencer Award AG

A Laptop with the Brokerbot installed on the Investor Relations Page

Case Study with Green Consensus SA