Aktionariat offers a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their digital shares on their own website.

Accessing the Corporate Dashboard

The Corporate Dashboard allows board members of issuers to view the shareholder registry, manage their share tokens and market, track their corporate treasury, and to initiate corporate actions.

Gaining Access

How you should get your access rights to the Corporate Dashboard depends on whether your company has been already created or not.

Accessing the Dashboard by Creating a New Company

On the main login page of the Corporate Dashboard, click on "CREATE ACCOUNT". Fill out the form using your company's details, share name, preferred ticker and website. Don't worry if you are not sure of your share information yet, you can always change them later.

Please also enter your e-mail address. After submitting the registration form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please check your "spam" or "promotion" folders if you are not able to see the e-mail in your inbox.

After clicking on the link, your registration will be automatically confirmed and you will land back to the dashboard main page.

The first user who has created a company will automatically be assigned as an administrator of that company.

Accessing the Dashboard of an Existing Company

If you want to gain access to the dashboard of an existing company, you must ask an existing administrator to send you an invitation. Existing administrators of a company can invite other administrators using the "Administrators" section in the "Issuer" tab of the dashboard.

You will receive an invitation e-mail with a link to confirm your access. Please check your "spam" or "promotion" folders if you are not able to see the e-mail in your inbox.

Signing In

The Aktionariat Portfolio App is used to identify you and sign a message which lets you sign in to the Corporate Dashboard.

Download the Aktionariat App. Under the "Profile" tab, use the same e-mail address that you entered during the company registration. Now you will be able to use the app to sign in to the Corporate Dashboard.

On the Dashboard Landing Page, click on "Sign In with Aktionariat App". A QR code will be displayed in your browser.

In the "Connect" section of the app, tap on "SCAN QR CODE" and scan the displayed QR code using your phone's camera.

Approve the signing of the login message in the Aktionariat App, and you will be redirected to your company's page in the Corporate Dashboard.

Please note that the Corporate Dashboard is currently not optimized for mobile screen sizes. If you have problems accessing the dashboard on a mobile device, please try on a desktop computer's browser.

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