Aktionariat offers a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their digital shares on their own website.

Buying cryptocurrencies via the Aktionariat Portfolio App

This guide shows you how to buy cryptocurrencies through the Aktionariat Portfolio App. 

Before getting started: 

1. Minimum app requirements

  • Iphone: App version 1.8.10 or later,  supported on iOS 16 or later. 
  • Android: App version 1.8.11 or later

2. Supported cryptocurrencies

  • Ether (ETH) 
  • Dai Stablecoin (DAI)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • USD Coin (USDC) 
  • Tether USD Stablecoin (USDT)
  • Frankencoin (ZCHF)

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1.

Open the Aktionariat Portfolio App and go to the “Portfolio” tab.

Step 2.

Choose the cryptocurrency:

2.1. Select the Cryptocurrency:

  • If the desired cryptocurrency is visible in the list of assets, tap on it.
  • If not, scroll down and tap on "Discover assets" to find it.

2.2. Add the Cryptocurrency:

  • Locate the cryptocurrency you want and tap on it.
  • Return to the "Portfolio" tab, where you will now find the selected cryptocurrency.
  • Select the cryptocurrency by tapping on it.

Step 3.

Tap on “Buy” and select the address

Step 4.

If you are using DFX services for the first time, you should fill in your personal details. Otherwise, you can proceed with step 7. 

Fill in your email address and tap on “Next”

Step 5.

Choose your account type

Step 6.

Fill in personal information and tap on “Next”

Step 7.

Enter the amount you want to spend and choose the desired payment method

Step 8.

Tap on the dropdown menu and choose the desired network. Learn more about the network here.

Step 9.

Below you will see the payment process depending on the chosen payment method. Proceed with the payment.

Step 10.

Tap on “Click here once you have issued the transfer” when you’ve made the payment. By doing that, you are informed about the progress via email.