Aktionariat offers a set of tools for Swiss companies to create a market for their digital shares on their own website.

Multiple Share Classes Support

Multiple Share Classes are now supported in the Corporate Dashboard. Below you can learn more about the new functionality and changes that have been made to the Corporate Dashboard. 

General information about Multiple Share Classes: 

The Share Classes tab lists all the share classes belonging to a company. You can add a new share class by clicking on the button on the right hand side of the screen. You will need to enter the name, ticker, type, number of shares in the class and the nominal value. 

Picture 1. Add New Share Class
Picture 2. Add Share Class

The total number of shares in each share class should be the same as the number in your legal records. 

The new share class is non-tokenized and can be tokenized later.

To delete a share class, please contact us and we will assist you.

An overview of your share classes is available in the Share Classes tab. You can access the settings for each share class by clicking on the 'Settings' button. There you will be able to edit the web settings. If the share class is tokenized, you will be able to edit on-chain settings & total supply as well as review the smart contracts associated with the share class.

Picture 3. Settings for Share Classes

In the Aktionariat Portfolio App, share classes are listed as separate assets. 

Other updates related to Multiple Share Classes: 

Overview Page

The top part of the page is dedicated to the company information. The lower part provides information about the shares of each class.  You can select the share class that needs to be displayed from the dropdown menu on the right. 

Picture 4. Multiple Share Classes on the Overview page

Shareholders Tab

If a shareholder holds two or more share classes of your company,, this will be reflected in the shareholder registry. You can check this under “Type”. In addition, the shareholder registry can be sorted by a ticker from the dropdown menu. 

Picture 5. Multiple Share Classes in the Shareholder Registry

Trades Tab

Trades can be sorted by ticker. 

Picture 6. Sort Trades by ticker

Brokerbot Tab

If you have more than one active Brokerbot, you can manage the settings of each of them separately. 

Corporate Events and Votings feature

If you have enabled this feature, please note that when creating a corporate event or voting in the Corporate Dashboard, you can select the shareholder class(es).  Only shareholders of selected classes will receive an invitation email. 

Picture 7. Select a Share Class for a Corporate Event
Picture 8. Select a Share Class for a Voting