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Setting up your Investor Card

This guide will walk you through the setup process after receiving your Investor Card. You will learn to:

  • Use the official Tangem app to create the Ethereum wallet on your Investor Card. Back it up to your second card.
  • Import the created wallet to the Aktionariat App, to be able to transfer shares or funds out of it, and to use it for signing messages or transactions.
  • Optionally, transfer some funds or shares to your Investor Card.

1. Setting up your Investor Card

When you first receive your Investor Cards, they will be in a blank state, i.e. they will not have any Ethereum wallets on them. You will first need to create an Ethereum wallet on your using your first card, and then create a backup copy of it using your second card.

The Investor Cards are exact copies of each other. You can choose which one to use as your main card and which one to use as your backup.

To create and backup a wallet on your Investor Card, you will need the official Tangem app. Search the AppStore / PlayStore for the Tangem app, or download the one matching your mobile device using one of the links below.

Download the Tangem app on the Apple Store
Download the Tangem app on the Google Play Store

After installing and launching the app, you will be greeted with an intro screen. Tap "Scan Card" and scan your Investor Card as shown in the animation. Different devices may have their NFC chip locations. The Tangem app recognizes your devices and shows the ideal way to hold your card for a successful scan.

If your card has been scanned successfully, you will be asked to create wallet on it. You will need to scan your card for a second time while your Ethereum wallet is being generated.

After you see the Success screen, you will be given the option to add a backup card. Do not ignore to create a backup. If your card gets stolen, damaged or starts to malfunction, a backup card is the only way to recover assets in your Ethereum wallet.

You will also be required to setup an access code. Much like a debit card, the access code will be needed whenever you want to approve any operations from your Investor Card. Choose a simple code that you will not forget.

During the backup process, a copy of the first card will be generated. These cards will be identical. They will have the same Ethereum address stored on them. A good idea is to use one for regular operations, while keeping the other one somewhere safe to prevent theft and damage.

If at any time, for any reason, one of your cards starts to malfunction, immediately use the second card to move any assets on your cards to another Ethereum wallet. Tangem cards durable, and even one of them malfunctioning should be a very rare scenario. However, if both of cards start to have problems at the same time, you will not be able to access any assets stored on them.

2. Importing your Investor Card into the Aktionariat app

This will link the newly generated wallet to your Aktionariat account. The Investor Card will appear under your Ethereum addresses and you will be able to track assets on it.

The Aktionariat app will be able to sign messages and transactions from the imported Investor Card address, without ever gaining access to the private keys or seed phrases.

You will need to confirm any actions by scanning your Investor Card with the Aktionariat app. The Investor Card will sign your requests and the Aktionariat app will execute the signed transactions.

Make sure you have the latest version of the Aktionariat app before attemting an import.

Go to the "Connect" tab in the app and select "Import an Address". Select "Import Investor Card".

In the first screen, tap on "Scan Card" and scan your card. Enter your access code when you are asked. The Aktionariat app will check for the correct wallet setup and detect the Ethereum address on the scanned card. You may check that this address matches the address you see in the official Tangem app.

In the second screen, tap on "Import Card Address". This will ask you to scan your card for a second time, to generate the necessary signature for adding the Ethereum address to your portfolio.

Upon successful completion, you will see a confirmation message. You can check that the newly added account is found under "Ethereum Addresses" in the Connect tab. It should be marked as "Investor Card".

Using your Investor Card

The Aktionariat app recognizes that, although the private keys of this Ethereum address don't exist on your mobile wallet, transactions and messages can still be signed from it in tandem with the Investor Card. You will be able to select the Investor Card Wallet to connect to the Brokerbot or for sending outbound transactions the same way you were able to select any imported account. As a difference, signing from imported accounts are automatic, while signing from the Investor Card wallet will require scanning your card and entering the access code every time.

More about how to use your investor card can be found here

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